Safe, Strong, Stable, and Secure

When I imagined my ideal partner he was usually strong, stable, and secure. He was consistent and steady and I could rely on him no matter what…in a word: safe. That is the biggest turn-on for me is knowing a man will show up and not disappear allowing me to fully be myself without fear he will run away. And in my best relationships the men have been that, and so have most of my jobs, and friends…and my apartments. I notice a theme in my life of relying on other things/people to be safe in order for me to feel safe…which of course isn’t safe. Continue reading

Spotting a Soul Mate

0ba54850-ec35-11e3-a648-fb374b84b0a8_i-originsIt’s no secret that I love talking about soul mates.  I’m certainly no soul mate expert (though I am becoming somewhat of an expert on soulfulness), but my experience of soul mates feels different than a lot of things I’ve read about them. This weekend I saw i Origins to celebrate the Kabbalah holiday  Tu B’av (Soul Mate Day)–and had chills the entire film. Continue reading

Sadness and Slowness {Lessons from the Crone}

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_phases_of_the_moon__1_This weekend I watched hordes of hopeful renters walk around the unit across the hall from me. After months of watching constructions works tearing apart the apartment she lived in for the past 30 years. I felt a sadness creep into my heart realizing I will probably never see my 97-year old neighbor, Dorothy,  ever again. And, yet I’m also somewhat relieved. Continue reading


earth_1-jpgA week ago was my birthday (or Earth birth as I prefer to call it) and it was also the first day in 32 years I actually chose my life as a human. While I realize that sounds bizarre (especially to those of you who don’t identify with an elemental), I have spent most of my life wishing I could just float away into the ether. When I go to the ocean I often get lost in imagining I could dissolve into its vastness leaving nothing of myself. However, living in the clouds (so to speak) has had its impact.

Continue reading

"The world will be saved by the Western woman." ~Dalai Lama


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