Why love, joy, and vitality you ask? It’s not cute, funny, or clever like many other blog names. How can someone consider themselves a bunch of words? Herein lies the true dilemna of human identity. Since I was little, I’ve always felt there were two sides of me – the me who was tangible and personality-based, and the me who was very different (and made sense) from all that and I couldn’t really describe. Many Eastern religions talk about this separation of being human as our true nature and our ego – both a part of us, but one more in touch with who we really are. This blog represents who I really am – love, joy, and vitality.

So many times when people ask who we are we use a series of ways to describe ourselves that may go something like this: I am (insert name here), a daughter, a friend, (insert horoscope sign), a Democrat, a lover, a fighter…you get the picture. Some folks identify who they are with their looks, money, or job. I realize now that none of the above mentioned things are actually me.

If I’m anything at all, I’m a stand for being something for this world, to give something to everyone. I stand for love, joy, and vitality as a way of being and as who I am, here’s why:

*Love because I believe it is the answer to everything.

*Joy because when I’m truly present in the moment, this is all I feel.

*Vitality because I take great pleasure in taking care of my body, being strong, most importantly having fun.

Whenever I begin to question who I am, or what I’m doing with my life…these words set me straight and remind me of my true nature. Someday these words will be all I use to identify myself.
Today I’m grateful for: my adorable dog, girls nights downtown, and having brunch with my parents.



  1. >You are adorable and I will be quite interested to read all of your blogs. You’re awesome. Stay awesome. Love you!

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