The season of love has officially begun. It’s that time of year again where my Saturday nights are spent performing my best champagne version of the “Chicken Dance” and “Electric Slide.” Wedding season goes many ways for me…sometimes I’m grateful for my freedom and other times optimistic about catching the bouquet (although I have only done this once at my cousin’s wedding a year ago and I was the only singleton anyway). This season I’m more clear than ones in the past. I have no shame in admitting that I’m in awe of marriage and those who take the trek down the aisle, but don’t feel ready for it myself.

This weekend I attended a wedding on Friday, a bridal brunch on Saturday and an engagement party on Sunday for three different people. I couldn’t help but be terrified and excited at the same time. According to the Tickle.com test I took my sophomore year of high school my wedding date is 2011 – far too soon for comfort. Truthfully I’m not so excited about the wedding, I could take it or leave it (besides the bachelorette party, strippers make me giggle). I’m excited about everything that comes with it. I’m not one for all the really mushy stuff, but there is something incredible appealing about the concept itself. How wonderful for someone to have enough faith in who I am and what I could be that he (at this point in time I only have one option) is willing to commit to loving me for infinity and beyond – mind boggling, really. In theory? Beautiful. In practice? Scary as hell. Either way I’m honored to be a part of the season of love…especially since it’s for other people.

Today I’m grateful for a full tank of gas, new shoes, and purple pedicures.

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