>Warning, this post serves no purpose other than to brag about what a freakin’ fabulous life I have. I became very confronted by how great it is many times today; I feel almost slightly guilty (almost) about its practical perfection. (Apparently I’m all about adjective alliterations today…did it again!) It is a week before my birthday (in the words of a BFF, “Beck, you get one day, yes, one day. Not a week or a month”) and the next several weeks are full of fantastic fun, and summer hasn’t even started yet.

Example 1: I received a birthday gift today from a wonderful guy (eat that! I do get a week) I have a crush on!

Example 2: I leave for London and Amsterdam (insert giggle here) the last week of May, after a three-day weekend.

Example 3: I’m spending the night of my birth with 1000 people who have been through the Landmark Forum, including my family – talk about extraordinary!

Example 4: Sex and the City movie comes out in two weeks! (I’ll be gone but I have such amazing friends I found someone to wait to see it until I get back!)

Example 5: My sister is home for an auditing trip through this whole week!

Today I’m grateful for The Little Mermaid, warm soup, and finishing my to do list.



  1. >I love the feeling of having a fabulous life. It is so much better to be grateful for what we have than to spend time thinking of what we don’t.

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