In my ultimate quest for finding my purpose on this planet and giving back to humanity, it seems only necessary to explore what skills I bring to the table. (Please note: I will continue to use the word “skills” to describe things that are inevitably “strengths” out of an obvious tribute to one of the most funny movies ever made…Napoleon Dynamite.The title of this blog also falls into this category.)

Some of my most evident skills include charm, wit, an appreciation for fine wine and cupcakes, spelling bees, syntax, good taste in clothes and shoes, jumping rope, baking, runway walking, being friendly (I did receive the Most Friendly Award for my senior class), typing, speaking French, Dance Dance Revolution, tennis, running, being a Jager girl, and the list goes on and on. (The sarcasm here is dripping, please catch it.) Yesterday I rediscovered one I forgot…hula hooping.

I had a lunch meeting and before it started I saw a woman with a hula hoop and several kids. My competitive spirit couldn’t resist – I had to show them who was, once and for all, the hula hoop queen. Miss Puerto Rico Colorado Springs was there, and I even beat her! Once I started, I couldn’t stop…I did two at once, I walked, talked and even turned in circles. I “hooped” so much I bruised my boney spine!
Rediscovering this talent of mine has re-energized my entire being! (Okay, that’s a tad dramatic, but it did add a positive spin to my meeting that followed.) I want it to mean something really cool about me that I’m so good at hula hooping. Unfortunately it is most likely just like that fact that my second toe is longer than my first…it means darn tootin’ absolutely nothing. But at least I have skills, and guys only want girlfriends who have great skills. 😉
Today I’m grateful for my iPod, rhythmic hips, and sweet text messages.

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