This is the promise of Landmark Education. I took the Landmark Forum (first course in Landmark Education) exactly a year ago and can honestly say I have a life I love. My life isn’t perfect and I don’t have everything I could ever want and that’s the beauty of it. I love my life exactly the way it is at this moment, and exactly the way it isn’t. I don’t let things bother me the way I used to and when I’m upset or sad, it doesn’t last long and I get back on track.

I loved reading the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books when I was younger (okay, fine, I still enjoy reading them on occasion). Landmark Education gave me the tools and ability to live a life where I choose my own adventure, every day. It’s the difference being living and really being alive. What an extraordinary power that as human beings we have the ability to create our life to be as beautiful and incredible as we desire. I ask myself a lot, “How good do I want it?” and really believe I can have it.

The Landmark Forum is ranked #2 (behind deep space travel) as one of the Top 100 Adventures according to Top100Expo.com.


The following is from Top100Expo.com:

“When looking for ‘the very best’ of our Top 100 List, we had to consider The Landmark Forum. Although this 3-day seminar was totally unknown to us, it showed up high on our surveys and caught our attention. Having now participated in this program, we found it to be an extraordinary adventure.

The Landmark Forum is a $375 ‘roller coaster ride’ that provides an unprecedented and unpredictable adventure. Most of the adventures on our Top 100 List are precedented and predictable. Think about this. Even if we had an adventure of traveling to the planet Pluto, we could roughly describe what you would see, hear, feel, and experience. You would put on some kind of space suit, enter a ship, and then blast out of the atmosphere traveling through space, arriving on a ball called Pluto. You could predict that experience.

In The Landmark Forum, you create new possibilities for your life – you customize your adventure. Out of participating:

    • You might get a new job that you truly love, or fall in love with the job you already have.
  • You may develop a personal relationship with the man or woman of your dreams, or deepen your relationship with your faith.


  • You may add years to your life or resurrect a relationship that died when Nixon was president.


  • You might re-discover your kids, or save yourself from destroying them. Nightmares from a difficult childhood could vanish forever – in a moment. Your mother could get her son back, or your wife could get back a husband that she hasn’t seen since your honeymoon.


  • You might take on new challenges in life (like those listed here on the ‘Top 100 Adventures’), or simply live the rest of your life being happy, satisfied and fulfilled.


The benefits from this adventure last a lifetime, not just a few days like a ‘Vespa tour through Italy,’ or a few moments like a ‘skydive from an airplane.’ The Landmark Forum is a new kind of adventure. It’s not just exciting – it’s totally transformational.

If we discover an adventure that takes us directly to heaven, or guarantees world peace, it will unseat The Landmark Forum. Until then, The Landmark Forum clearly resides near the very top of our ‘Top 100 List.’”
Yes, it is indeed an adventure, you never know what you’ll get out of participating. My adventure factor is moderate…I’ve been sky diving, traveled around the world, and even chased deer in the wild (crazy, I know). Landmark Education gives me a (natural) high every time. The kind of high that makes you enjoy being a life, without risking anything and gaining everything.

When people ask me what Landmark is, I used to talk about how existentialist it is (leave it to a former philosophy minor student to answer that way). Then I realized all I can say is what it has given me – a better relationship with my family, ability to have open and honest communication with anyone, courage to live my dreams, and a desire to do whatever I can to help humanity. I guess you could say it has given me the greatest gift possible – my life.

Today I’m grateful for Wendy Mike, Nathan Havey, and Winnie Shows (may she rest in peace) who all told me about Landmark Education several years ago (took me a while to jump on board).


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