I have been avoiding Starbucks for the past several years…and they finally got the hint this week – I don’t particularly like them. Their drinks make me gain weight. I don’t want to gain weight. I work out hard and want nourishing food/beverage for my body. Enter stage right…the Starbucks Vivanno!

I’m in love! Whey protein, fiber, banana, oh my! A few of my favorite things! There are two flavors: chocolate banana and orange mango banana. I’m going bananas for the Vivanno! (okay, that was lame, but I couldn’t resist saying I was going bananas for something with banana in it.)

Cheers to Starbucks for encouraging my protein problem and winning back my affections, all with one drink and in one day.

Today I’m grateful for the Vivanno (of course!), Hayley, and the library.

One comment

  1. >So glad I bumped into you there! They are yummy, no? My favorite part is the banana chocolate reminds me of the dirty monkey cocktails of which I enjoyed many in Mexico. If only Starbucks served rum!

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