Last Friday my friend Zach and I went to Mr. Biggs, I haven’t been there since I was 10 (okay, that’s a lie, I didn’t live here when I was 10 and it was during my 25th birthday a little more than a year ago). I ended up being exactly what I needed! On top of that, I set a record on the game (yes, add another life skill to my resume apparently).
Life has felt heavy the past several months and it was such a great reminder that none of it really matters. I’m continuously amazed at how significant we make our lives as if everything we do and every conversation we have actually means something in the grand scheme of things. I long to be able to stop myself in the middle of a heated argument and crack an awful joke or do the chicken dance (which is impossible not to love by the way!) – anything that reminds us of the larger picture of life. The picture that doesn’t include the problems and pain we create for ourselves and the people we love.
When you watch kids play they just play (or they watch you play, as in the case of my picture), without analyzing conversations or what the other person means, or they think they mean. After a while, the game they play changes and they just adapt. That’s the life I want. A life of play, where I don’t take myself (or other people for that matter) so seriously.
No, life isn’t easy per say, but we sure can make it that way with more play. (Okay, lame rhyme, but I can’t help it, my desire to rhyme over powers my desire to be cool.)
Today I’m grateful for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, faith in the unknown, and Matt.

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