I don’t really watch YouTube except for the occasional touching, artistic piece and I still can’t get enough of the Juan Mann (not his real name of course, it’s a homonym with “one man”) video about Free Hugs. My main love languages (you should read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman if you haven’t already) are affection (e.g. hugs and kisses) and words of affirmation (e.g. expressing appreciation).

Several months ago I ran (literally ran, I was running) into a woman named Liz who gives away free hugs in downtown Colorado Springs just like in the Juan Mann video. In winter I stood outside with her in the cold during my lunch hour and participated. I felt like a million bucks afterwards – I got hugs from people going to the soup kitchen, mothers with their kids, high school students…you name them, I got hug contact. The combination of giving AND recieving love is the greatest gift I can think of. Once I’m unemployed I plan to spend some of that free time in the same way I did several months ago giving away free hugs!
Today I’m grateful for acupuncture, Project Runway, and Water World.

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