This morning I watched my friend throw three aluminum cans and a plastic water bottle into the trash…while I wept silently at the kitchen table. Yes, I realize not everything that gets put into the recycle bin is appropriately disposed of; however, I think it’s important to take small steps to be earth conscious and recycling is a great way to start. We live on a beautiful, lovely planet and I can’t understand not wanting to preserve it.
So, I did what comes naturally to me when I feel upset about a social cause – I want to buy a t-shirt. In this case I decided to design one (my second t-shirt design of many I see in the future)!
Above is it, I may add a “r” after “you” so it doesn’t sound quite so harsh. My desire isn’t to call people names, but I do think it’s a sassy approach to being green. I need to order a minimum of six before they will print them. Let me know if you’re interested!
Today I’m grateful for books, gyms, and trampolines.


  1. >CONGRATULATIONS! on your “Retirement” and Thanks for sending me your blog info. I used to work for a Recycled Products Company, so make sure the t-shirts are either made from post consumet recyecled textiles or recycled plastics.Best Brian

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