Indeed I’m a “Stripper” in Las Vegas this week. Why the quotation marks and capitalization you ask? I have hung out on the “Strip,” which makes me a Stripper and “Strip” is a proper noun. (I just coined this new meaning of the term and couldn’t be more proud, other than the adorable new shirt I bought at H&M yesterday, on the Strip of course.)

I am currently staying in Las Vegas with a friend and taking a mini vacay. I’m the type of lady of leisure who needs vacations on her vacations, what can I say? The days have been quite lovely temperatures and I went through a sweat drenching run through the desert yesterday. My favorite part has been the sunsets – they’re miraculous! I never noticed them in the past because I was too busy “Stripping” to look at the sky – heaven forbid!

The non-Strip part of Vegas is rather friendly and easy on the eyes (including all the eye candy I saw at the gym). Oddly enough, turns out Stripping is not my favorite past time in Sin City, instead I prefer shopping or running…what happened to me?

Today I’m grateful for pedicures, EFT, and hot showers.

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