Today I finished up a statement about the purpose of my life. (I know, I know a bit heavy for a Monday.) I beat another record at Mr. Bigg’s on DDR (as if that doesn’t give me an incredible reason for being alive!) and then began pondering how much fun I was having and what I really wanted my life to be about (besides setting DDR records on every continent). Last month I did a seminar and during the final session we completed a purpose for our life. Confession…I didn’t really finish it.

People spend their whole lives searching and looking for a purpose or meaning. Doesn’t really make sense when I started thinking about it. I quit my job and everyone kept saying I was leaving to “discover myself.” (As if I didn’t already exist!?) I’m here and I have a reason for being here. It may change or adapt, but I have a purpose. Why not create one and then live my life according to it? Something that inspires me and guides every decision I make.

Many famous people had purposes they declared and then had amazing things happen. Alexander Graham Bell said his purpose was to allow deaf people a way to communicate. He experimented with hearing devices and then invented the telephone. Gandhi said his purpose was to seek truth (satya). He later pioneered SatyaGraha, which was civil disobedience based on nonviolence.

So, here it goes…I’m declaring my purpose (drumroll please).
The purpose my life is for is to have the world know itself as one. The values at the heart of who I am are love, compassion, acceptance, and joy. What I can be counted on for is to focus on similarities instead of differences, to value everyone, recognize the value every individual brings to this world, and to love and nuture them as a sacred part of me.
Whew! I can’t believe it, there it is…my purpose.
Today I’m grateful for Mr. Biggs, Z, and mango lassi I had with dinner last night at India Palace.

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