I have recently become aware of just how hot Mario Lopez is, pictured left running with shirt off. During the “Saved By the Bell” days I was far too distracted my Mark-Paul to notice late bloomer Mario (plus, I still cringe just thinking about the pleated pants – I know you know what I’m talking about). He reminds me of a Hispanic Ken Doll (hence, MexiKen – thank you Dalia) because of his perfectly sculpted abs and pure handsomeness.
Where has he been all my life? I’ll tell you…Dancing with the Stars, hosting Miss America and Miss Universe, Extra, America’s Best Dance Crew, my dreams, and the list goes on and on…Most recently I saw him on Sunset Tan (my first and last time seeing it, I swear – I wanted to know who the “Olly Girls” were). The man is everywhere and I feel so honored to have grown up with his success.
The other SBTB characters haven’t been around as much (can we say Dustin’s sex tape and that’s it). Although when I was talking to Kimmie today she swears Mark-Paul has a new TV show and Tory is on a Progressive commercial (I asked her if it sounded as though she was wearing a leather jacket – her signature).
Of the whole bunch Mr. Lopez took us by storm – he had to make up for the rest of the crew…I still talk about Jessie Spano’s run-in with drugs (most classic episode, EVER).
Today I’m grateful for Idoru sales, Dr. Cynthia, and my kickboxing bag.

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