I have been at the ashram now for five days and I haven’t much to say (mostly my brain is just going nutso, yes nutso) besides that I’m working incredibly hard to earn my keep and meeting some incredible people. So far my closest friends are a medical student from India (whom I called an arrogant jerkface the first day we met and now we are BFFs), a Jewish man from New York whom I want to marry, and my roommate (a recovering niccotine addict from Maryland). I have found my peeps.

Swami Satchidananda is the Indian guru who founded this place and he was one of the first to bring hatha (Integral) yoga to the United States. If I didn’t already have enough hippie tendencies I’m learning more daily and am amazed at how well I fit in. 😉

Satchidananda was the man who spoke at Woodstock in 1969 about peace (apparently this peace also included not having cell phone services, I miss my Blackjack!). His teachings are based on all religions finding peace together – really beautiful. The slogan (if ashrams have slogans) is One truth, many paths. The key things here are to serve others and be peaceful, oh yeah…and love. 😉 I’m working really hard scrubbing floors, sweeping, and washing dishes. I’m apparently a Cinderella trapped in an ashram. From this day forward I’m eternally grateful to the woman who cleans my parents’ house and my apartment (when I still had it). (I realize this last sentence sounds incredibly bratty, but I don’t know how to explain my gratitude for not doing this work often.)

Today I’m grateful for fish, cheeseburgers, and chicken nuggets (can you tell I’m struggling with the no meat thing??).


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