>Pat Benatar with a side of jam (the rocking guitar, not fruity kind)! I found pictures from last month’s Pat Benatar concert. The concert is still ringing in my ears, literally and figuratively. I can’t stop making P.B. references…it’s getting ridiculous.

Really though, I can’t help it…I’m “all fired up.” (insert fake laughter here)

I went with Shannon and Erin and had an awesome time. The opener was even good, even though her voice was slightly more high-pitched than mine (if that is possible). Just what I needed to forget that last week with my final paycheck and finding out my current beau was married. What can I say, “love is a battlefield?” (And look at me now…doing yoga and scrubbing toilets, it only goes up from here.) 😉
I do play a rad air guitar if I might add, rest of the band pictured above as well. I still listen to Pat as much as humanly possible when I’m running with my iPod. Even yesterday on my way to meditate, she helps me stay focused…on rock!
Today I’m grateful for Pat Benetar, Shannon and Erin, blasting music.

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