>Just hit my two week anniversary at Yogaville. For honesty’s sake I feel as though it has been two years. However, I had a small victory yesterday in the kitchen to share. Lucille (who now kisses me on the cheek!) asked me to do beets. I took one in my hand and a knife and suddenly it was peeled. Not kidding you, I began singing “Beat It” by Michael Jackson (I have the dance memorized as well) before someone told me to quiet down. It was a proud moment and very representative of my time here.

I haven’t really committed myself to being here fully until recently. Just like my experience with the beet. I wasn’t completely committed to getting the job done. My opportunity for growth and health is incredible and I have somehow, somewhat avoided it until recently. I want to have a spiritual practice that calls to my soul and allows me to be in a place where I can serve humanity (not by cleaning). From here on out my time here will be focused and intentional. My morning practices won’t be a disturbance of my sleep and crossing off my assignment, but rather another opportunity to connect with Spirit and in that – myself.

The main virtue I want to focus on is self-discipline (no more sugar unless it’s at lunch and if so I will only have one serving).

Today I’m grateful for Sam, garlic and olive oil sauce, and not doing dishes.


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