In the Yogic tradition many yogis (including myself now) practice mouna, or silence. Today I took the day for quiet reflection and heard a lot. We expend so much energy talking to others and communicating it doesn’t leave as much prana (life force) for when we need it. Enter stage right – the mouna.

Swami G (actually spelled Swamiji – but sounds funny thinking about it this way) says, “Silence is in your nature, don’t disturb it.” Reminds us that when we listen to the silence we can hear ourselves, others and the universe. That’s just what I did today.

As predicted my senses were greatly heightened and I became more mindful of everything. My usual plain yogurt with cinnamon was delectable today instead of sweet with a hint of sour. On my run today I heard at least 10 different birds. I didn’t sing in the shower and instead actually felt the water on my skin for the first time in years. My meditations were easeful and a piece of chocolate was heaven. Even walking was practically orgasmic (exaggeration). I counted 7,652 leaves visible from one of the dining room tables (estimation) and didn’t chant today and heard how lovely everyone’s voices blend together.

I was exhausted last week and attribute a lot of it to being overstimulated – imagine that, at an ashram. I now have two roommates, more shifts, and wanting to fit in all of my requirements. I’m a whiz at stressing myself out, I seem so desperate to disturb peace. I found myself wanting to crack some lame joke or say hello and instead I smiled politely and nodded my head. A friend of mine left the ashram today and it was even more wonderful to smile and hug without saying a word – those motions said everything I needed to say.

Last time I did a day of silence was during a Zen Buddhism retreat several years ago. I vowed to do one once a month – even living alone it was difficult. Always a plant or my phone ringing to distract me from not talking. Today the silence came naturally and I’m not ever mourning mouna again!?

Today I’m grateful for my “observing silence sign”, metta meditation books, and packages.


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