I head home tomorrow from Yogaville with mixed emotions. When I return please I request you call me by my new spiritual name “Saraswati” after the goddess of wisdom. I arrive back to Colorado on Sunday, October 12 and plan to dedicate my life from this moment forward to my pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom.

Just kidding, wanted to make you a tad nervous about any new hippie tendencies (don’t worry I still have plenty to spread around)!

I’ve had quite a learning experience here and value this opportunity. I encourage anyone to spend time at an ashram. Even if you’re not into Hindu or Yogic traditions this ashram really celebrates the wonderfulness of any and all spiritual practices. If you’re not into spiritual practices, well…come enjoy the food and good company.

Perfect cleanse of body and soul – nutritious foods, lots of quiet, and yoga. Great test of any practice (spiritual or otherwise) is to see what happens without the structure and rely on my own self-discipline. I’m excited to come back to Colorado and don’t know if Yogaville is in my future or not (depends mostly on if they change the name). 😉

Highlights of my stay at the ashram:
-Becoming so handy with a kitchen knife (she says with an evil grin)
-Flexibility (in spirit and body)
-Checking my email less frequently
-Meeting NNB (New Nutty Buddy) Sam
-Wearing pajama-like clothing everyday
-Saying the Sanskrit term “Hari Om” as if it’s as common as the word “and”
-Small talk that includes discussing tuning forks, cosmic tents, and food combining
-Befriending spiders

What I look forward to most about being back:
-Seeing my family and friends
-Hugging my dog
-Eating ice cream
-Doing “normal” things such as going to a movie or eating out
-Making more to-do lists
-Eating fish

Today I’m grateful for yogurt with cinnamon, changing leaves, and my beach-scene flipflops.


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