>China is great (like the Wall)! Don’t know where to start…I am learning Chinese, visiting the Great Wall (aka Asian Incline – my legs are killing me!), inhaling smog, eating yummy (bizarre) food, and using squat toilets. Indeed life is grand (and grander without squat toilets)!

Words can’t describe China, it’s just well, China. I left Beijing this morning with population of 17 million people. 17 million – the entire state of Colorado has around 5 million. I have a difficult time fathoming that many people, until I see the smog and sit in traffic. Now I’m in a “small” city (meaning fewer than 10 million people) outside of Shanghai. I just got back from a Buddhist pagoda. So far the sightseeing highlights include a pearl factory, Summer Palace of one of Ming Dynasty emperors, and a tour of a 2,000-year old neighborhood.

I love it so far – the people are adorable! I even made an older Chinese man laugh (which can be difficult I’ve heard) with my Chinese. My tour guide continues to apologize for his “Chinglish,” but he speaks it well! Off to dinner and a silk factory! Love you longtime!

Today I’m grateful for tofu, clean Colorado air, and cute Chinese kids!


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