Got back from China yesterday and love it just as much as I did three days ago when I left (I had two Halloweens by the way thanks to the International Date Line). While I can’t say my chi is entirely balanced (jerky jetlag), the concept of chi really started to make sense while I was there. We had an interesting tour of a famous Chinese pharmacy, got foot massages, and saw people doing Tai Chi. All of these to balance our chi, or life energy (same concept of prana in Hinduism).

The Chinese really seem onto something with acupuncture, acupressure, and Tai Chi. It’s the balance and harmony of elements and emotions that keeps the body and person healthy and happy. They even name people and places after things to make them more balance. My personal favorites being a building in the Forbidden City called “Hall of Supreme Peace and Harmony.” We even met a lady whose name meant “Happy Spaces.” (Just thinking about it still makes me chuckle.) Does it get any better than having your name mean something so simple, yet profound? What an incredible reminder of your true nature to be peaceful!
I couldn’t get enough of their signs…The sign above says, “Protection of virescene relies on us as we coexist under the same blue sky.” In the U.S. I’m sure it would just say, “stay off the grass” or “don’t litter.” Leave it to the “Chi”nese to say things in such a flattering, harmonious way!
Today I’m grateful for my new humidifier, seeing my pets, and drinking safe tap water.


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