> Despite any remaining common sense, I decided in my blurry-eyed, exhausted state that a Madonna concert was precisely what the doctor ordered. I would have regreted it the entirety of my life if I hadn’t gone! I would love to sum up the concert in one word, or a short sentence, unfortunately any attempts would be a waste. I enjoyed it so much I almost forgot she was 1.5 hours late going on stage!!!? All I can do is describe one particular scene of the concert that describes my awe (keep in mind the woman turned 50 this year, and I realized I just sounded like that old SNL skit):

Picture this: four large screens on stage in a cube as the music starts they begin separating and a car comes out…soon after a spin on the car around stage 10 dancers and Madonna begin jumping rope, and not just jumping, but double dutching!!?? Quick costume change (1 of 1700) and she appears underneath a fifth screen on a piano singing Evita. Are you kidding me?

My favorite song, because I know you’re dying to know, was “Like a Prayer.” I had an amazing experience while studying in Cannes listening to that song at a discotheque with a Bono and Jason Biggs spotting. But live it trumped my measly attempt at awesomeness. She had quotes from the religious texts of the world and photos. I felt like I was back at Yogaville, except for the fact that there were 50,000 people and a woman humping the floor – whatever.

This woman deserves an award (as if she doesn’t have any already), if nothing else she deserves a new status of human being. She’s a hybrid woman and mother of pretty much everything.

Today I’m grateful for FREE Madonna tickets, Schmendra, and my new Vitamix!


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