At first glance the picture to the left looks like a dark blob, but eyes do indeed deceive. Believe it or not this is a pic of Rider Strong (Boy Meets World actor) doing a somewhat creepy “Eastern European” dance (as he calls it). I believe it sums up my Starz Denver Film Festival experience quite well. Things aren’t always what they seem and in the end are just a fast-paced blur (the free alcohol does contribute to this immensely). This 500 year-old adage quickly proved accurate…festivals are not glamorous and working for them doesn’t mean you get to see movies (contrary to popular belief, or maybe just my mine).

The entire festival feels like a blur (see picture above for demonstration)…10 days quickly felt like 2, which actually felt like 10 months. I’m still not sure what to think…did I like it? Did I have fun? Yes and double yes. Would I do it again? Not sure. I already miss the people I worked with and enjoyed feeling like D-List VIP; however, my dark circles appear more permanent than the festival itself.
Highlights definitely include meeting the Strong brothers (um, can we say double crush?), partying with Bill Pullman, and Mike’s karoake nights (singing “Push It” will never be as much fun).
Today I’m grateful for my hotel room, hybrid cars, and the lovely people from the festival.

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