Home sweet “om,” or Yogaville I should say. I came back for a week of R&R (meaning yoga and meditation in yogi speak) and couldn’t be more excited. I keep telling myself that’s why I’m here…really I’m here because something keeps calling me back to this place.

I thought it was meditation or yoga, really it’s just that I feel so peaceful when I’m here. Since I left I have been on the constant go and Yogaville offers me the time to be a human being, instead of a human doing – like usual. What I continue to forget is that I don’t need to come here for that feeling. I have access to it all the time, for any many number of reasons I just find it easier to access here.

I feel so fortunate to have somewhere like this to come when my mind needs clearing and my body cleansing. It’s especially fun because I don’t have any work (I mean karmic yoga, pardon me). 😉 Some of my my favorite are gone for the holidays, but seeing and spending time with Sam has been wunderbar! I’m amazed at how one person’s presence can make somewhere feel so comfortable.

That’s enough for now…there’s no place like “om,” there’s no place like “om,” and there’s no place like “om.” Oh my goodness! I’m here! (sorry, couldn’t resist Wizard of Oz attempt at a joke.)

Today I’m grateful for winter boots, jackets with faux fur trim, and yummy food.


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