> After a week of peacefulness and tranquility at the ashram, it took me all of 2.47 minutes to become the karoake kid. This momentous occassion occurred just past 7 p.m. last night at the Sky Lark Lounge during the Denver Film Festival holiday party. All it took was singing “Hangin’ Tough” (please don’t make me type the name of the band, you should know) with Karla. The rendition included lots of classic 80s dance moves such as the Rodger Rabbit and hoodies (naturally). Within hours I completed four other songs that truly demonstrated my versatility – “Love Profusion” by Madonna (not so well known, but one of my favs), “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, and mostly back up dancing and vocals for “Highway to Hell” and “Rolling Like a River.”

When I lived in the sorority house one of my sisters (yes, I still call them that, my biological sister doesn’t get offended, anymore), had a karaoke machine and I didn’t understand the appeal. Over the past several years I’ve improved drastically and believe the karake equivalent to Mr. Myagi would be proud. Not sure if it’s my imagination, but karaoke seems to be gaining popularity points. Although, I am willing to admit could be only among certain circles. (By certain circles I mean the ones I know and love.)

The evening ended with a tshirt gift from Magic Cyclops and my body collapsing into my car after a day of airplanes and air guitar. Wax on…wax off, wax on…wax off.

Today I’m grateful for sleeping in, books, and job interviews.

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