>This week’s highlights include new book from ten-pack (he proves it’s possible) Olympian Michael Phelps, Playboy hires new CEO, and for some reason or another Speidi is still alive and well. (Will they please break up, pretty please?)But somebody’s having the best week ever…Not sure if Paul F. Thompkins (why the initial Paul?) would agree, but I’m pretty sure it’s me! To recap, dorky blonde girl (me) returns to Colorado after a week of yogic bliss for a night of comical karaoke (sorry, can’t seem to think of a “k” adjective for an alluring alliteration), gets a job as a hostess for speed dating, gets an online Facebook message from a major hottie (who’s somewhat of a celeb), gets offered a job doing marketing for her favorite dance studio, has an initial interview with Starz channel, AND has three dinner dates (with friends, no need to be that excited) in three days. Did I mention it’s also the holidays (in case you weren’t aware), so the entire nation is oozing love and goodness?

Sizzler alert!!! In addition to major hottie Facebook message…gets asked out by another crush just today…five minutes ago!
Ah, life is sweet when it’s the best week ever, and isn’t it always??
Today I’m grateful for Facebook, MySpace, and Google Ads (that will hopefully make me some extra money).

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