>Is it just me or are people increasingly using initials to sign emails, Facebook messages, etc? I only call one person by her initials on occasion only because it’s LBC otherwise known as Long Beach California. Only feels natural to call her by her first name. When did initials become cool? Sure, appropriate to use for official documents, but not sure how I feel about it otherwise. When I use my initials to sign things it makes me nervous. I usually use “BF,” which can mean many things to many people.

Here are options I tend to think of upon seeing those letters together:
-best friend (of course)
-blood flow
-breastfeeding (ew, it still seems unnatural)
-Benjamin Franklin (my other BF as in best friend, not boyfriend)
-bodily function
-brace face (aka what I was for 10 years with dental parents)
-baby’s father
-and of course, butt f*&%$er (don’t yell at me, it really can stand for that)

Many more of course, you get the idea. Given those choices, who in heavens name would use initials? Only thing I can come up with is if your name is worse than the things above…although I doubt anyone can beat “butt-f*&^er.” Although I accept a challenge!

Then there’s the question of whether or not to us “.” between letters. It would be appropriate since it’s technically an abbreviation, but certainly detracts from the coolness.

xoxo, (this is gaining popularity as well, but that’s for another post)


Today I’m grateful for enzyme treatments…my aestitian rocks, gifts, and New Year’s Eve parties.


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