I have a rant, which is also a confession at the same time…I avoid rants except when ultimately necessary. This has become one of those necessary moments. A few weeks ago on “The Hills Aftershow,” (the confession begins here with the fact that I watch “The Hills”) the host showed a magazine cover saying Whitney Port could be the next Carrie Bradshaw. Whitney seems nice and all, but she’s no Carrie. For starters…an obvious difference, Carrie is fiction and Whitney is non-fiction or at least her show is somewhat reality-based. Yes, same city. Yes, both blond. Yes, both into fashion. I certainly see correlations; however, those few aspects don’t make Carrie, Carrie. I don’t hear the one-liners that make me love Carrie come from Whitney’s mouth, or the clothes that are so incredible my mouth gaps open.

I’m somewhat offended (and yes a tad jealous) by this comparison as someone who continuously takes the “Which Sex and the City character are you?” tests online. Ninety-five percent of the time I take them my result is that I’m Carrie. (The other five I’m Miranda, but the kicker is always that I like gay men and enjoy writing.)

Here’s how the silly (I mean seriously accurate) quizzes describe C.B., “You are Carrie. Cute, quirky and intelligent, men find it so easy to fall in love with you but things always seem to end in tears. you’re a commitment-phobe and you find it really hard to get over your exes. Your dress sense is to die for and you blow most of your money on clothes, shoes and cocktails. Gay men love you.”

There will never be another Carrie Bradshaw, that’s why we love the character so much. Then again, I suppose there will never be another Whitney Port either…or at least let’s hope not.

Today I’m grateful for MTV, Sex and the City, and The City.

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