>Lately things have been a tad tame and I haven’t had much to chat about. However, I had a day yesterday (once again) that truly exemplifies the oddies of my life. It started with a speed dating training event. Not what I had in mind what so ever…the group was short on women. I had the privilege of joining the 40-55 age group for free! What a treat! The men kept asking me what I was doing there and all I could muster up was to say I was “older than I looked.” Met some great guys and reaffirmed men do get better with age.

I would also like to admit for the record I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve changed out of sweats in 2009 and today was one of them.

However, last time I did a speed dating event I was asked back by everyone. I only had a 60% success this go ’round. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact I said I was about 26 going on 35. After an entertaining speed dating round I headed to my house for a “Feng Shui” party I planned as a way for people to get rid of old clothing and trade. We spent more time talking than exchanging, and I had a wonderful time. My sister showed up as a suprise!

Then it was off to a Jagermeister shift at Sodo’s where I gave away free samples and avoided the rep I work for who was wasted and peer pressuring me into taking a shot. I said no and he informed me I was in the “wrong business.” No shit. (On another note, have I ever used that word before on my blog? I think not.) Number one we’re not supposed to drink on the job, number two if I were going to drink with anyone…he’s the last one on my list.

I left the bar, after midnight and reveled in my life without stability of career, money, or much of anything at this point. What a lovely, perfect day.

Today I’m grateful for “Dirty Jobs” on Discovery, sleeping in, and hats when I’m too lazy to brush my hair.

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