Unfortunate initials Mr. Obama, I adore you either way, with or without body odor initials. I couldn’t be more excited for you to enter the White House. You inspire me to do something and focus on something larger than myself at all times. For that I’m grateful. I love that you write your own speeches and believe in your daughters the way my dad believes in me.

The recession has been rough for many Americans and I have certainly let it get to me sometimes too. With your leadership I’ve realized what incredible things lie ahead and remembered that life always has ups and downs. The real test of an extraordinary human being is what he/she does with the downs. During the downs we elected you and in doing so once again set ourselves up for success.
Thank you for being you. For bringing hope to millions and renewing a nation – I’m sure of that.


P.S. If the position for the next “Obama Girl” becomes available, please keep me in consideration.

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