> The other evening at dinner with my friend Terri we had an intense convo (meaning conversation for those not into abbrev.) about making out. As many people may know (or will soon find out), I’m a huge fan of making out. Always have been and include it on my “I heart list” whenever the opportunity arises – so pretty much just on this blog or the occassional MySpace survey that I ignore.

In college I have to admit it was one of my most favorite past times. We used to call it “M.O.” As in…”Did you M.O. last night?” or “How is the new M.O. buddy?” Today I don’t do near enough of it.

However, making out doesn’t receive the credit it deserves. It can really tell you a lot about someone. I realize men and women consider kissing very differently. A study done at the State University of New York found that women put more emphasis on kissing than me. We use it as a method of judging potential as a mate, to maintain intimacy, and the check the status of the relationship. I would agree wholeheartedly with the finding. It said men think of it as a precursor to sex, end of story. (Just like anything else.) 😉 For women it’s a method of testing and bonding…
Whatever it’s used for…my advice, take time out to make out!
Today I’m grateful for my sister’s engagement, Reeses milkshakes, and making out.

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