This week my wheel throwing class began, as evidenced with photo to the left. It’s everything I could have hoped for and experience “Ghost” moments on a recurring basis. Something I haven’t mentioned to many folks includes the fact that each day I make it a point to do something I have never done before. People keep saying I must be so bored working barely part-time. I’m consistently in awe of the myriad ways to find adventure in everyday. VIGN (Very Important Grammar Note): myriad is never followed with “of” that’s a very common mistake I see in text. Okay, done with my grammarian snobbery for today.
I decided this week, given my success at unemployment, pottery, and trying new things – I will write a book. A book about living everyday as an adventure and the myriad ways to do so.
Today I’m grateful for movies, sports bras, and new swimsuits in anticipation of a beach trip.

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