(Note to my one reader, I’m feeling particularly reflective today and not charming, I attribute this to little sleep in the past week and more time alone than required.)

With Valentine’s Day drawing ever near I can’t help but think about love. The love I’m focusing on this month is about loving myself and really embracing all parts of me – likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. It takes a lot of guts to be willing to do that sort of examination. Yet another book I adore is by Debbie Ford called “The Right Questions: 10 Essential Questions to Guide You to an Extraordinary Life.” (I really do need a name for this book club I’ve created alone, I’m thinking “Bookin’ It” or something to that extent.)
The book discusses questions used to help come to decisions and really examine how you make decisions. It’s the little choices that really create a life that you love, or don’t. (call me a 3rd grader, I still don’t enjoy seeing or saying the word “hate.”)

One of the questions is “Is this an act of self-love or self-sabotage?” We make unconscious decisions every day that affect our well-being and joy. Decisions to lift us up require a more concerted effort and thought. An example would be today when I thought about what to have for breakfast. I really wanted to go buy a donut, sugary, fatty goodness sounded like a perfect way to love myself today. Really that’s an act of self-sabotage – that donut wouldn’t prove how much I loved myself. If I loved myself I would want nourishing foods to aid my body and keep it strong. So, I opted for multi-grain roll with eggs and tea.
My wish for you is that this and every Valentine’s Day you focus first on the love you give yourself, in order to make it possible to love others. Love ya!
Today I’m grateful for agave nectar, massages, and movie dates with friends.

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