As a member of the cliche single group of women who have read “He’s Just Not That Into You,” (Yowsers, two posts about books in a row – I’m suddenly confronted with just how nerdy I am.) I must say I’m into it. Saw the movie this week (yes, even more cliche over Valentine’s weekend) NOT on Valentine’s Day I might add. Just as scruptious and uplifting as the book.

First time I read the book I cried for hours because I finally realized a guy I was crazy about didn’t actually like me. Imagine that…he didn’t return my calls or if he did it was only late at night, never wanted to hang out with me, and had me watch his cat for months while he was sleeping with someone else. Somehow despite all of that I was able to reason myself into thinking he had deep feelings for me. I look back now and realize age has only served me well in the common sense department.
The movie and book both empower women, and people in general for that matter, to stop making excuses for men. It brings about a greater sense of appreciation for those men who do call and make an effort and actually give a damn. We can only make decisions based on information we have and if someone isn’t calling or messaging me on Facebook (as is the case at the moment) – he’s not into me. So what, why waste another minute dissecting his possible busyness or hesitation. Sooo not worth it, but reading or seeing another time “He’s Just Not That Into You” certainly is.
Today I’m grateful for Bonnie’s hometown visit, Greg Behrendt, and a weekend of skiing with my sis and mom.


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