Big news, I was offered a job with the UN doing PIO (Public Information Officer) work in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (Why is it that countries with the word “republic” or “democratic” seem very much not so?) The past two days have been a whirl of emotions including me crying, pacing for hours, and sleeping more than I thought humanly possible all in order to somehow forget a decision I must make.

I’m honored to be offered this position and my skills set of speaking French, working as PIO in the past, and having training with FEMA all make me a great candidate for this post. No doubt this is a humungo opportunity for someone losing job faith and living in their parents’ basement. I want to make a difference in the international community, but not at the risk of my life. The Dept of State sent out a travel warning yesterday for Americans to avoid areas of the Congo b/c of violence against Americans and UN. Two things I am indeed. Not just any American…one with blonde hair and blue eyes who doesn’t blend in in the slightest.

My parents have been really emotional about the offer and even friends were sending me info that could be useful. In the end my decision didn’t have to be made. They decided to postpone to see if violence would calm down. I’m relieved, would be an understatement.

I’m ready for larger “problems” in my life, not money or housing based, but more like “how do I get food to 3,000 people in Africa?” or “what would make the most impact to help these homeless teens?” Those are the kind of problems or issues I want to have. I’m not sure I’m ready for “Will I be attacked today?” or “Will I get Ebola from touching this doorknob?”

Postpone all you want UN, in the meantime may I request a post with a beach and without deadly diseases?

Today I’m grateful for speaker phone calls with Linds and Hayley, my improving patience, and muffins from Matte Factor.

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