I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned this on my blog before, but I’m a Jagerette. Meaning I work for Jagermeister, which means both “master hunter” and “pays me more than my government job did.” It is certainly no secret and we even have a lovely Jagermeister magnet on the fridge at the family house.

I have a great time with it, I go to bars and giveaway free stuff and flirt with men I will never see again (besides a few exceptions). More recently it has become a source of embaressment. The tanktop and leggings have nothing to do with it, it appears to be my own stupidity and poor timing at play.

An example…Friday evening before my shift I stopped in Wal-mart for my visit every 7 years (I make no secret of the fact I can’t stand that place and low prices or not, it represents entire yuck of retail into one box of concrete, yuck), my dad got a gift card and didn’t need anything. I stop in on my way to meet a fellow Jagerette and run into the City Attorney in my boots, shorts, and Jager jacket (mind you I have on fishnet stockings and it’s five degrees outside). The entire event lasted 30 seconds at most, hardly even an acknowledgment, but the pain will be with me for all of eternity.

Then last night before my shift I went to an event celebrating the Hindu holiday of color, Holi. Part of the celebration includes decorating people with colored powders. Naturally I show up for my shift and completely forget to wash it off. Worst of all it is bright red and only on my forehead and nose – appearing as if I had been shot and then blood drizzled down the side of my nose. I couldn’t figure out why the owner of the bar was looking at me very concerned…then the other gal shows up and 20 minutes into the shift says she finally has to ask why I have paint all over my face. Ugh! Yet another cringeworthy event before and during a Jagermeister shift, both within 48 hours.

I may not be the coolest Jagerette out there, but certainly the most humbled.

Today I’m grateful for Holi meaning spring is close, walks with my dog, and my new supplements!

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