One thing I struggle with on a consistent basis is trust, but not in the sense of a romantic relationship or other people (apparently I’m far more concerned about myself these days ;)). More so when it has to deal with trusting myself to make the correct decision or do what’s best for me, this also includes trusting the Universe/Source/God, whatever you call it in your spiritual belief system. Or trusting everything works out as it should. I spend so much time gathering information and talking to people I forget to listen to what I already know.

For some intuition isn’t a great source of wisdom or something they adhere to, I’m finding more and more how much it could guide me towards my dreams if only I would give it a chance. I’m in this ultimate place of not knowing what’s next for me and how to move forward. It has been an incredible spiritual practice to just be in the unknown without trying to fix it, or make a decision, or do anything for that matter, besides talk to my dog a lot. A lot of times I think people rush into decisions or things just to have an answer to what’s next, instead of taking a moment to focus on noticing they don’t know and being okay with it.

How wonderful it is to not know if someone’s the “right” person for you, or if you should take a job, or where to live. Instead to trust things will unravel as they should and enjoy that in not knowing, anything is possible.

Today I’m grateful for SPRING, Amber, and Hayley.

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