My lady of leisure status mixed perfectly with a lovely spring break trip to Napa/Sonoma and San Fran this week – I’m pruning a vine left. I leave tomorrow with tight pants and a slight hangover – when you have the tolerance of a mouse, if mice had alcohol tolerances, every little drop hurts. My week began with dinner at Pakwan and ice cream at Bi Rite Creamery with a handsome Adrian Brody look alike and continued with seeing several local friends of mine and wine country. My friend Poppy, whom I studied with at the Sorbonne, and I caught up on past few years of our lives and ate ridiculous amounts of fine French cuisine including daily bakery visits and tea.
In Napa we stayed with Dave of Carneros Della Notte winery (check out Pino NV on YouTube and the delicious Liquid Panty Remover wine) who was generous enough to give us a place to lay our heads and delicious meals! I even got to see a dear friend from middle school who lives near by. Poppy and I visited several wineries and agreed Viader and Benziger both knocked our socks off.

What really became glaringly obvious was how my taste in spring break trips have changed. Past trips have been to Vegas, Florida, or Havasu…now I opt for wine and good food. Apparently now the only parties I prefer are the ones in my mouth! (I realize this could be a totally in the gutter comment and am choosing to ignore it.) I left the west with renewed appreciation for wines and incredibly tight pants.

Today I’m grateful for home sweet home, San Francisco, and American wines.


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