VH1’s Tough Love gives me just the “reality” check I need. It’s about single women and a matchmaker (hottie Steven Ward) who gives them a dose of tough love to help them find a match. They set it up so magically so that you can see just enough of yourself in each of the participants. So far I relate the most with Jody (Miss Career and in PR) and Abiola (Miss Princess and she even did a photo shoot with cupcakes).

I realized I have really made my career and personal growth such priorities I convinced myself I don’t have room for anything else (or want anything else for that matter). For the first time in my life I realized those are such comfort zones I’m afraid to step out of. I date and am a wonderful flirt (if I do say so myself), but don’t seem to ever take it to the next level. I’m ready now, I know what I want so much more clearly. In the past few days I have met some incredible guys I may or may not have futures with, but have so perfectly reminded me that they are out there. I can have my (cup) cake and eat it too. (Thanks Jen for reminding me of this via your blog.) 😉

Depending on the dating situation I either get overly excited about a relationship, TMI about anything and everything, talk too much politics, text like a wild woman, or chat about past relationships. (I can’t help it I have some doozies of stories to tell!) I’m ready to enjoy dating again, instead of it being a chore and something I “have” to do. Thanks to Mr. Ward, I am seeing where my dating tactics are coming up short. And by tactics I mean not having any. He’s a more attractive, hip version of Greg B. from “He’s Just Not That Into You,” and even better…single!

Today I’m grateful for VH1, Benriger white wine, and Easter candy.

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