>It has been two years now since the article below appeared in the Colorado Springs Business Journal. I continue to be in shock about how much my self identity was defined by my job. My, my I haver certainly slowed down since then! Just a reminder about who I was and who I am…enjoy! =)

Becky Farrar is the youngest employee of the City of Colorado Springs with a professional job title, public communications specialist. She joined the city in November 2004, a few months after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado.
It was, Farrar said with an amused laugh, her first job.
Since her first day at work, Farrar has rarely slowed down. In a mere two and a half years, she has received an Award of Excellence from City Council for raising the most money ever for a city United Way campaign and an ACE (A Commitment to Excellence) award. Val Snider, a former planning commissioner, nominated Farrar to be a Rising Star and describes himself as one of her biggest fans.

“I’ve known her for 10 or 12 years,” he said. “I’ve really been impressed with the way she works-her work ethic. She can always find the information you need and, like so many city employees, she works overtime without complaint or compensation if that’s what she needs to do. She’s a young person who’s going to go places in the city — and in life.”
Her job responsibilities include speech-writing for the mayor and members of City Council, event coordination, media relations and community relations.

Farrar is a military brat. (“You can put the emphasis on brat!” she said with a smile.) She lived in Germany for several years before moving to Colorado Springs with her family nine years ago.

At UNC, Farrar received bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications, with a minor in French. She attended the Sorbonne in Paris, as well as the College Internationale de Cannes, earning degrees in French proficiency and French culture and language.
While at UNC, she received a Rising Star award from the Denver Association of Women in Communications, as well as the UNC presidential prize for leadership, awarded to one female and one male graduate from a senior class of 3,000 students.
She is not slowing down, even now.
“I want to go to grad school, and get a master’s degree in public administration,” Farrar said. “After that, I don’t know – but I really do like my job.”
Farrar is involved with multiple nonprofit organizations. She volunteers with Memorial Hospital, is advertising chairwoman for the Junior League and has volunteered with many United Way organizations throughout the community.
Farrar also is a Delta Zeta alumna, a member of the Women’s Network and of the Fine Arts Center.
And how does Farrar see herself?
“Creative, enthusiastic, organized.” At least, that’s the heading on her resume.
Clearly, she is a young woman in a hurry, and not just figuratively. Last October, she won the 2006 Mayor’s Cup 5K run for her age group, completing the race in just over 24 minutes – pretty swift, but Farrar said she’s sure she can do better.

-John Hazelhurst
Today I’m grateful for my past, PRESENT, and future.

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