In honor of Earth Day and an effort to become more aware of the trash I produce, today begins my “trash tour.” For the next week I will carry every bit of trash with me that cannot be composted, reused, or recycled.
I will literally be carrying the weight of my consumption with me. My goal at this point is to have less trash than will fill a medium-sized messenger bag and not smell too much so that people will still spend time with me. I’m excited to revive my commitment to the environment and make a spectacle of myself at the same time.
I’ll report back after my week to tell how it went! Word to your mother – Mother Earth that is.
Today I’m grateful for my new laptop (again, it’s so pretty!), optimism, and Red Rock Canyon.

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  1. >Make sure to take pictures!! My social skills group I lead at school really wanted to do something too. They decided to plant trees, so they met with the principal to get the plan approved and called a bunch of nurseries and got some trees donated. I am so proud of them because these are the boys who do everything they can to piss people off lol. I am taking them to see the Disney Earth movie as a reward.

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