>Happy Earth Day! I’m relieved my week of trash carrying is over – it was emotionally exhausting because it took so much self-discipline to save everything and keep it! After my weeklong experiment I filled only one small plastic bag with trash. Amazing what awareness does (and the fear of stench)!

I was on the news last night and realized the story told was about wanting to reduce, but not why. I keep getting asked why I care so much. It’s so simple to me. I love this planet and this world – every rock, tree, animal, person, microrganism…you name it…I love it. Why wouldn’t I want to do what I can to keep it the way it is? I also see saving resources something that impacts many other issues in the world. If we consumed less there would be ways to provide more for others. If we weren’t worried about scarcity of natural resources many conflicts wouldn’t exist nationally and internationally. To me saving the planet promotes world peace and something we can all band together to work on saving our precious, wonderful world.

There are so many easy to ways to reduce your impact, reuse, and recycle. My friend’s new Web site has plenty of ideas…read away: http://www.rsx.responabilityx.com/

Today I’m grateful for butterflies, bike rides, and Earth.


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