I completely and utterly gave into advertising this week. Those damn Dairy Queen Midnight Truffle blizzard commercials got me. It’s the ones where the person is on cloud 9 eating a bite because I can totally relate to feeling that way around chocolate (and cupcakes of course). So on Tuesday after a lovely run at the Quinn’s running club I drove home and just happened to pass a DQ. (Okay I admit it was a rather purposeful detour.) I work really hard to focus on enjoyment rather than calories and this Blizzard was worth every bite. The chewy chocolatey pieces drove a stake of love/hate into my heart.

The last time my consumerism was so blatently obvious and determined by an ad campaign was the “right hand” ring phase. You know the “left hand celebrates your relationship, the right hand celebrates the day you were born” stuff. So I bought one, felt very independent for a week and that got tired of celebrating my birth everyday and put it into my jewelry box.

The verdict on advertising campaigns – I loath you and I loath that I love you.

Today I’m grateful for muffins, doing my part, and publicity. =)

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