>The day has finally arrived when I will join the ranks of coolness in “Menver,” I mean Denver. May 1 my lease officially begins on an adorable studio in Capitol Hill – it’s about darn tootin’ time! It’s in Shambhala apartments and I already love the management company Boutique Apartments (http://www.boutiqueapartments.com/ if you’re looking for an apt). They focus on eco-friendliness and support community by donations from rent. I couldn’t be more excited to support their endeavors and up my rank from basement-dweller to studio-dweller.

Even though I’ve been wanting to move there for eons (okay fine, about four years), I can’t help but feel a little sad about leaving the Springs. Doing something new always has a bit of anxiety involved until there’s routine and comfort again. It will be a new lifestyle, new people, and a new city – I can’t deny an impending adjustment phase. Although “Menver” certainly has more to offer than just men, I’m sure it will be a lovely distraction until things become more familiar.

Today I’m grateful for packing, cleaning, and thrift shopping.

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  1. >hey–this is kind of random, but i was googling shambhala for reviews and comments and such and came across your blog. I’m moving to Denver in a few weeks and am about to sign a lease with boutique apartments for a studio at shambhala, it sounds and looks fabulous, but its hard to get a lot of information on it…and since its my first apartment, so i definitely want to be as prepared as possible. anyway, if you could give me a quick review of what you think of it, stuff like how much you pay in utilities per month and if parking is ever a huge problem and if there are a lot of young friend peeps about (i know 0 people in denver, yargh), I’d be soooo grateful.thank you so much!Cheers,Khaleelah

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