So far the month of May has been mostly mayhem, and only a little bit May. Let’s just say it all began when a dorky, blonde girl decided to move to the big city of men called Menver. On her first day living there she met three men and got asked out by a guy from Craigslist who gave her a bed frame. Then she was in a fashion show for Express clothing and five people from her high school were there. After the runway appearance our heroine went to meet a friend at a bar and some how ended up getting free admittance into a swingers club. (Why she is writing all of this in third person and actually talking about it she doesn’t know.) At the club she had a dance party with three of her friends for three hours straight. She went home at 4 in the morning. A few days later she was walking down the street from her new apartment and ran into an old neighbor. This neighbor just happened to live a few blocks away from her and they became accidental neighbors again – twice within 15 years.

After exploring her new neighborhood she realized she lives two blocks from a friend of hers and within three blocks of a vegan cupcake bakery, yoga studio, and gelato shop. By pure coincidence the neighborhood was able to provide everything she ever wanted, and more from a street.

Then a boy called, the one from a few nights ago and they have spent the past three days together non-stop, and she likes him. And she doesn’t usually like to spend this much time with other people and likes more time alone, but she likes him (and already said that) and thinks he’s one of the cutest boys she has ever met.
All this and she has only lived in Denver for two weeks.
Today she’s grateful for a clean closet, sweet basil plant, and gelato.

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