>Funemployment (n.) – People who have found they enjoy being out of work.

Usage: “The funemployed write blogs, issue regular updates on social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and devote entire Websites to helpful advice and encouragement on how to make the most of the U.S. government’s $475 weekly dole check.”

The above is from the Times London and I couldn’t resist admitting to the entire Interweb (see post on this new lexicon soon) that I’m officially funemployed. While I don’t have a dole check to speak of, I do post regular (and by regular I mean once every few days, not incessantly) updates, and this post will serve as at least some sort of encouragement for those with a check to enjoy.

I dedicate this blog post to all the other funemployed folks, may you never look back and wish you were employed again. With love, Becky

Today I’m grateful for Buffalo Exchange, library, and Pridefest.

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