It’s important to know I enjoy trampolines, particularly jumping on them naked in my living my room. Now that that’s out of the way…trampolines, or rebounders, as they are often called have many benefits to health, such as:

-circulates oxygen,
-aids in lymphatic circulation.
-enhances digestion,
-stimulates metabolism,
-combats depression
-and much, much more!
At one time I toyed with the idea of creating a workout DVD series with different combinations of dance moves, boot camps, and kickboxing. Unfortunately, someone beat me to it about 30 years ago and is working on a revival of sorts as well. Now I just put in my “Jump” mix with classics from Van Halen, Destiny’s Child, and Kris Kross for about 20 minutes and get my jump on. My body adores it and it’s gentle on my joints. Even after I am off the rebounder my body wants to keep jumping for joy.
Today I’m grateful for Birkenstocks, second interviews, and faith.

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