>Rumi and love

>Our task is not to seek for love but merely to find all the barriers within yourself you’ve built against it. – Rumi
This quote from wonderous Sufi poet Rumi has really described my internal struggle the past few weeks. I don’t usually write about romantic love because I believe all love comes from the same place whether it’s platonic, romantic, or spiritual. However lately romantic love has been a large part of my life. I’m learning to not need to have all the answers at once. I’m learning when I’m wishing things were different than they are it can’t be love because love is acceptance. Most of all I’m learning what has held me back from truly loving others in the past.

It seems so obvious to me lately that the extent and capacity I’m able to love myself reflects how much I’m able to love and accept others. In the past few years I notice my capacity has only grown. This has been the greatest success in my life thus far.

Today I’m grateful for poetry, Rumi, and my new waterbottle.

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