>There has been an ongoing “coolness” debate between my friend Stef and me about live musical performances. I prefer to call them “concerts” as I believe they have been called for the past 700 years. She prefers shows, it may sound more simple and not so easily confused with a philharmornic or other sort of concert, but show has too many meanings. Show reminds me of a thing in elementary school called “Show and Tell.” No thanks, I do not want to see that live after the age of 10.

It has become a very personal decision what to call a live music performance. Maybe it depends on the location of said event. Performing Arts Complex = concert. Someone’s basement = show. Why I’m writing an entire blog about this I have no idea other than it seems an important distinction for a decision. You see, I am going to a show/concert with Journey and Heart on Tuesday and am getting confused about what to call it. So confused I don’t even know if I’m allowed to go.

Today I’m grateful for concerts, shows, and gigs.


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