I’m unsure how it started, but somehow I became a bicycle riding machine. Today I went to the free Denver Botanical Gardens day and it just escalated from there – I couldn’t get enough. (For future reference, don’t go to the free days before 3 p.m., too many children’s groups, not an ounce of serenity in the entire park.) Then I rode to the Post Office and the library, just kept going. Before I knew it I was planning my bike route for the entire week! This coming from the girl who has said on several occasions how much I deteste bicycles. Between a falling down spell and then a flat during a triathlon last year I had for the most part sworn off two wheels for life.

Now the bike sleeps with me, or at least close to it at the foot of my bed. Far away from the other bikes in the bike garage at my complex. It needs it’s space and nurturing where I can see it and remember that at least for one day, I was a BRM.
Today I’m grateful for freedom, popsicles, and clean water.

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