>For the past two years I’ve been receiving the Notes from the Universe (aka Mike Dooley). I can’t believe I haven’t shared sooner about the notes! Anyone/thing who uses phrases such as “crazy,sexy, cool” and on occassion “hubba hubba” has my upmost respect. For several moments a day through these emails I remember who I am and usually get chocked up, I hope they do the same for you.

*Happiness comes first, Becky. Partners, abundance, and cool shoes come later.
Or at least this is how I’d line up my duckies.Ungawa – The Universe
*Dreams create their own pathways, if you don’t try to force things.
Taking action summons miracles, whether you recognize them or not.
And, Becky, it’s never too late in the day for breakfast.Dream on, wild thing – The Universe

*Dearest Becky, I wish for you flowers and sunshine, gentle breezes and clear skies, calm seas and rainbows. But, perhaps most of all, I wish for you a glorious breadth of experiences so that these tidbits are mere icing on the cake, of a life that’s rich in adventure.Huge hug – The Universe

*As many stars as there are in the night sky, Becky. As many grains of sand that exist on all the world’s beaches. That’s how often opportunity really knocks. That’s how many second chances you really get. And that’s how many voices whisper your name each day.You have no idea… The Universe

*Do you know what one of the most exciting things happening in time and space is right now, Becky?
Your life.Whooooooohooooooooooo! The Universe

*Rainbows and butterflies, cattails and dandelions, waterfalls and rainforests, puppy dogs and dragonflies, sea foam and orcas, sunshine and comets, snowflakes and ice cycles, wildflowers and Becky Farrar….Did I think of everything, or what? Crazy, sexy, cool, The Universe

*Love where you’ve been.
Love where you’re at.
Love how you think.
Love the power you pack.
Love all that you seek.
Love all that you feel.
Love your rocking emotions
and the thoughts you make real.But mostly, amazing Becky, I really, really love you in this very moment. What? Loving you from every angle – The Universe

*Don’t try to figure out the “hows” of it, Becky. That’s not your job. You only need to know what you want, like a job. Then just follow your instincts and let the Universe figure out the hows.Think, think, and let go – The Universe

*I don’t like to make predictions, but the way things are going, Becky, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this year you have a ball, go to a ball… and put the pics up on Facebook.You are so poised for the time of your life – The Universe

*Warming planet – check.Species on brink of extinction – check.Ice caps melting – check.Economies in chaos – check.Becky Farrar “in the house” – the one and only.Grab a seat. We’re about to witness the most exciting comeback in history. How do you always get these leading roles? The Universe

Today I’m grateful for new places, new people, and news.


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